An Extraordinarily Ordinary Day

toothbrushes and toothpaste

The season’s heat calls for a slower pace. Some of my ministries take a summer break, giving me time to catch my breath and reorganize files, get started reading that stack of books on my shelf, and enjoy the long daylight hours.

Just when I thought, “This is great, just a slow, ordinary day,” God surprised me with a day of extraordinary blessings. I received news of a friend’s daughter delivering a healthy baby after a complicated pregnancy. Another couple called to say their granddaughter, who had sustained a serious injury in an accident, was making great progress in recovery. I got a surprise phone call from a spiritual companion who had moved out of state three years ago. She was visiting and wanted to reconnect. I had a good checkup at the dentist. (Those of you who have a fear of going to the dentist can appreciate that.) I was able to have lunch with a dear friend I don’t often see. And a project I had been working on came to a positive ending.

That night, when I looked back on the day’s activities, I more clearly saw God’s hand in it all. All these events, when taken individually, were quite ordinary. Yet, when combined, they made for quite an extraordinary day of blessings. It is easy for me to take these slow summer days for granted. This day in particular made me see just how much God is in the ordinary. And taking time to review my day with St. Ignatius’s Examen helped me to see how special that day was.

So take time to relish the ordinary, and look for God’s presence in it. You may find your ordinary is really extraordinary!

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay.



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