Appreciating Emmaus

Michael Sparough, SJ, in front of Emmaus paintingThere’s much to appreciate in the story of the disciples on the way to Emmaus, says Michael Sparough, SJ. For one:

It’s in looking back on the experience that they realize just how impactful it’s been. I think it’s that insight that encouraged St. Ignatius Loyola to teach his followers the importance of a daily Examen. It’s in looking back and sifting and sorting through the events and the feelings of our day that we enhance our understanding. We deepen our appreciation. We augment the gift of love.

Watch the full video reflection below as we continue the Easter season.

Learn more about the Examen here.


  1. Packing the shopping into the car..fretting over the day ahead..checking my emails and decided to listen to the video…ah! Perspective. Thank you

  2. The Road to Emmaus
    This always leaves a deep impact in my heart every time I hear/read this passage. I always view it as the Holy Mass where the two disciples were made to listen to Jesus’ explanation to the Word of God after which they also were made witnesses in the Breaking of the Bread. And after Jesus leaves them…they start pondering about everything that has transpired… Thank you Fr Michael.

  3. Every home He visits His Sanctuary! So well said; would love to see more of these reflections!!
    Blessings on this wonderful website and to all of you who contribute, thank you for your effort and time!!


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