About Vinita Hampton Wright
Vinita Hampton Wright has served as senior editor at Loyola Press for 16 years and recently became managing editor of the trade books department. She has written various fiction and non-fiction books, including the novel Dwelling Places with HarperOne, Days of Deepening Friendship and The Art of Spiritual Writing for Loyola Press, and most recently, The St. Teresa of Avila Prayer Book for Paraclete Press. Vinita is a student and practitioner of Ignatian spirituality, and from 2009 to 2015 she blogged at Days of Deepening Friendship. For the past few years, she has co-led small groups through the 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises. She lives in Chicago with her husband, three cats, and a dog. In her “spare” time these days, she is working on her next novel.

On the Edge

Many of us live on a religious edge. We are part of the church—the universal Body of Christ—but our connection to a local congregation has been disrupted. Or our trust in the larger, formal institution has been betrayed. Maybe we still attend worship services somewhere, sometimes. Maybe we still contribute time and resources to causes and ministries that involve the church. But we can feel our toes on the edge; sometimes we feel our souls […]

Prayer on the Run

I can pray as I bake this pie peeling the apples rolling the dough sprinkling the sugar making it right. This is my work of love, Lord. Bless the ones who will partake who will taste and be glad. Bless them, and bless me, too. I can pray as I search the stores which scarf or book or teacup says her name? bears her colors? Will it help her remember Grandma or have a little […]

How to Have Fun When All Around You Are Getting Grumpy

Put on as background music, A Chipmunk Christmas. Put out a plate of cookies in the middle of the day. Make up at least one gag gift. Invite dogs and cats into the gift-wrapping process. Invite toddlers into the gift-wrapping process. Go for a drive at night and look at Christmas lights. Keep a pot of apple cider simmering, all day long. Let the six-year-old help decorate—cookies, the tree, the packages. Take the crankiest child […]

Love Does What it Can

There’s an ongoing argument in my marriage. My husband complains about something, and then I complain about his complaining. This is no small conflict. What it comes down to is that he gets very irritated when the world doesn’t work as it should, and I get very irritated when he tells me about things I can’t fix anyway. It’s tempting to stay out of situations that are so messed up my efforts to help would […]

Love Lives in the Details

Until I dive right into a situation, I will never understand how to love the people who live there. As a writer, I could talk poetically about love and compose moving essays on love. But unless I walk into the real life of someone who needs my love, I won’t have a clue. Because I’m a writer trained to quietly observe others, this has been a difficult lesson for me. I am still taking baby […]

Staring Our Way to Recognition

Have you ever seen something that you could not identify as anything familiar, and so all you could do was stare at it in a rather stupid way? When I was a teenager I once saw an apparition while walking at night on a country road. It looked as if someone in a white robe was floating above the soybean field. I was not one to see ghosts and I didn’t know whether to be […]

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