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    St. Ignatius reading and recuperating - Thomas Rochford, SJ, and JJ Mueller, SJ/Jesuits USA Central and Southern Province

    Taking the Ignatius Challenge

    Many years before St. Ignatius Loyola dedicated his life to the service of the faith, he was a battle-injured soldier, laid up in his...
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    Discernment in Making Lenten Plans

    What will you do during Lent this year? Will you fast from certain food and drink? Build in more prayer than usual? Make more donations...
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    Living the Ignatian Way

    The Ignatian way is one that busy laypeople can find a home in today. The elements and guiding principles of Ignatian spirituality resonate and...
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    Resistance in the Spiritual Life

    Resistance is a term that is often used in descriptions of spiritual movements. In its simplest terms, it is used to describe when we...
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    What Do I Really Want?

    The question to be constantly asked in decision-making is “what do I really want?” Deep down, that’s what God wants too. God wants what...
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    Important Choices

    We make thousands of decisions every day—beginning with whether to jump out of bed in the morning or hit the snooze button. Some decisions...
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    Hearing God’s Voice in the Busyness

    On a recent retreat I facilitated, a woman approached me at the break and asked, “How do I hear God’s voice when the world...
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    Let’s Talk About Dreams

    When I speak of dreams here, I don’t mean the mind’s journeys while you’re sleeping. I refer to dreams—visions, imaginings—you have for yourself, for...
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    Get Quiet

    The modern world, for all its marvels, is simply too noisy for our own good. We cannot think straight with the cacophony of competing...
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    Eight Examples of Consolation

    Editor’s note: We’ve been having fun celebrating the 10th anniversary of IgnatianSpirituality.com. The fun continues throughout July with our 10th-annual 31 Days with St. Ignatius celebration. Bookmark the...