How God Gets Our Attention

We know it’s important to pay attention in our spiritual life, but Erik Oland, SJ, ponders how God gets our attention:

Shifting the focus from “call” to the question “how does God get my attention?” allows for a more immediate and spontaneous discernment. An “in the moment” spirituality that often begins quite simply with questions such as: How is God trying to get my attention right now? How is God working even in the simplest activity? How am I open to pick up on these signs and nuances? Do I really want God to get my attention? And once God has my attention how does this relate to a particular call that I might be praying about today; whether in the simple things or the big things?


  1. This blog has been so timely for me….God has been getting my attention through some life challenges that I have been experiencing. My thoughts as a result of all of this is that I need to live each day fully, waiting to see what is God’s plan for me having complete faith in God’s goodness and love. (But it is hard not to feel some despair at times…)

  2. Fr Erik: I just finished reading this wonderful blog and it was so beautiful and comforting to know that “hearing” and being open to God’s nudges is not a new problem! I am nearly 58 and I tell my Spiritual Director that I am really hard of hearing and need a shove and not a nudge! I have just start my own journey with the Spiritual Exercises and I am anxious to see the new beginnings which might be sent as nudges. Thank you for very helpful entry.

  3. Lots to think about after reading this. Do I really WANT to pay notice to God’s attention? If so the present moment is a good start! Thank you.


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