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    Finding Your Way

    If someone you know is looking for direction in life, point them to "How to Discern the Elements of Your Personal Vocation" by Peter...

    The Examen for Families

    Blogger Cynthia Kirk proposes a way for families to use the Examen around the dinner table: 1. For what time or event today are you...
    Around the Web - dotMagis highlights something from another site

    The Spiritual Exercises in High School

    Religious educators with an Ignatian bent take note. A young Jesuit named Anthony Borrow has been using the Spiritual Exercises in his classes at Dallas...

    What Does it Mean to "Serve"?

    "Service" is a central idea in Ignatian spirituality. But what does it really mean? Here is an excellent article by David Fleming, SJ, that unpacks...

    Three Types of People Revisited

    One of the central exercises in the Spiritual Exercises is the meditation on "three types of people." It invites us to give a long,...

    Examen Online

    Examen.me is a new website that offers several ways of praying online that draw inspiration from the Daily Examen, the one form of prayer...