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    Halloween confetti - photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

    Confetti All Around

    This post is based on Week Two of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. Cards from my parents should come with a warning: “Proceed with caution.” It...
    sunlight over water with grass in foreground - photo by Jenna Reivolahti on Unsplash

    When We Ask for Light

    We pray for light. We want to see what God sees. Or do we? When we pray the Examen, we ask God to shed light...
    holding hands in friendship - photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

    Relationships and the Examen

    I’ve been lonely lately. This time of COVID has taken a toll on my relationships. Some are not yet comfortable. Some friends have learned to...
    Daily Examen Journal - text next to a pen

    Daily Examen Journal

    Introduce friends to the Examen or try a new approach to the prayer with a daily Examen journal—printable and foldable as a booklet. The...
    The Ignatian Guide to Forgiveness Lenten Read-Along - text next to hands holding heart image

    Lenten Read-Along: Examen of God’s Compassion and Mercy for Me

    I begin by giving thanks for the good gifts God has given me so far. I ask God for the gifts of insight...
    Finding God in All Things - text overlaid on heart

    Waking Up to God in All Things

    This post is based on Week Two of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure. When I was expecting my oldest child almost 32 years ago, I remember...
    Featured Video - text next to image of tablet with video loading

    Rearview Mirror

    Praying the daily Examen is somewhat like looking in the rearview mirror. That’s the starting point Joe Paprocki takes in a two-minute video for...
    anxious teen

    Examen for Those Experiencing Anxiety

    Noticing times when God felt absent exercises our ability to slowly and carefully wipe away the clutter that blocks our view of God. This...
    Finding God in the Mess Lenten Read-Along

    Finding God in the Mess Lenten Read-Along: Rewind the Day

    In an anxiety-filled world, take a few moments to: Quietly retrace your day in your mind’s eye. Begin with the moment you awoke this morning,...
    Around the Web - text next to image of person working on laptop

    Lunchtime Examen for Lent

    Consider praying with the Lunchtime Examen as we continue our journey through Lent. Jim Manney leads six audio sessions of prayer, addressing questions such...