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    Praying Bravely at Pentecost

    In the Pentecost account (Acts 2:1–11), the Holy Spirit doesn’t sprinkle down like a gentle rain; it comes “like a mighty rushing wind.” I...
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    Storing Consolations Like the Flowers

    St. Ignatius offers us a key principle for how to navigate the ups and downs of life: use the gifts of consolation wisely. He...
    "Vision of Cornelius the Centurion" by Gerbrand van den Eeckhout - via the Walters Art Museum - under CC0 1.0

    Encountering the Spirit in the House of Cornelius

    This story is inspired by Acts 10:30–49. Let me introduce myself: I’m a centurion who was in Cornelius’s house when the Holy Spirit poured down...
    William Barry, SJ: Life, Legacy, and the Ignatian Year - text for invitation to a virtual roundtable

    William Barry, SJ: Life, Legacy, and the Ignatian Year

    To kick off the Ignatian Year, Loyola Press brought together some of the great minds of Ignatian spirituality to reflect on and discuss the...
    The Ignatian Way for the Ignatian Year - text over image of mountain hiker

    The Ignatian Way for the Ignatian Year

    Soon we’ll begin an Ignatian Year for the Society of Jesus and all who follow the ways of Ignatian spirituality. May 20, 2021, the...
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    Can I Really Tell God How I Feel?

    I was talking with a friend the other day, and she said, “I am so sad and angry and disappointed that I just can’t...
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    Five Steps to Transform Negativity Through Prayer

    St. Ignatius, who initially knew life as a vain soldier and courtier, was able to turn his superficial life around by attending to his...
    elderly man praying with rosary

    Looking Back on Prayer

    We can look back on prayer in more than one way. Judge what is most helpful for you at this time. Prayer at Different Life...
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    His Face in My Mirror

    This story is inspired by Luke 7:36–50 and John 12:1–8. I bought that expensive perfumed oil for myself. I don’t think I’m wealthy, but I...
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    The Anima Christi on Good Friday

    Marina Berzins McCoy writes in her post, The Anima Christi During Holy Week: Jesus’ wounds also serve as a resting place for us. “Within your...