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    The Homeboy Way: A Radical Approach to Business and Life by Thomas Vozzo - book cover next to author photo

    We Can’t Measure Goodness

    Thomas Vozzo, CEO of Homeboy Industries, disputes the notion that it’s possible to measure people’s worth. He explains, “You can’t measure someone’s goodness. You...
    Ignatian Tools for the Modern World: A Webinar with Fr. Joseph A. Tetlow, SJ; Eric A. Clayton; Fr. Kevin O’Brien, SJ; Vinita Hampton Wright; and Fr. Michael Rossmann, SJ - headshots of each author

    Ignatian Tools for the Modern World: A Webinar with Ignatian Friends

    Navigating through our increasingly complex world can indeed be challenging. But some of the most effective strategies for steering through the turbulent waters of...
    woman in yoga child's pose - photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

    Movement in Prayer

    I sometimes want to roll my eyes when reminded that, in times of dryness in prayer, St. Ignatius guides us to double down, expand,...
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    Trust and Intimacy in Prayer

    In an episode of Pop-Up Prayer, Jean Heaton talks about how 12-step practices can help us to understand the role of trust and intimacy...
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    Come, Holy Spirit, and Change My Heart

    As we approach Pentecost, Gretchen Crowder leads us in prayer. Come, Holy Spirit! You may also like: Pentecost Astonishment by Pope Francis Imaginative Prayer: Pentecost by Vinita...
    Forgive Everyone Everything book cover - book by Gregory Boyle, SJ (pictured), with art by Fabian Debora


    “Everyone is just looking to be told that who he or she is is right and true and wholly acceptable. No need to tinker...
    Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8). Copper engraving by Carl Schuler, published c. 1850. ZU_09/iStock/Getty Images.

    Listening to the Spirit

    This story is inspired by Acts 8:26–40. I am Philip. The Holy Spirit has been giving me the free gift of paying attention, of staying...
    National Biographers' Day special offer: Get Pope Francis: Life and Revolution for only $1 when you order selected biographies of Fr. Pedro Arrupe, St. Peter Faber, and St. Ignatius Loyola at full price. Details at store.loyolapress.com.

    National Biographers’ Day

    May 16 is National Biographers’ Day, making it a good day to spend some time with the biographies of notable Jesuits. Take a Mini-Retreat...
    Congratulations, Becky Eldredge, on winning the 2023 Writer's Award in Spirituality! - text next to image of Becky

    Surprises as an Ignatian Writer

    Becky Eldredge, Ignatian spiritual director, retreat facilitator, and author, is being honored with the Writer’s Award in Spirituality from the Loyola Institute for Spirituality....
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    Being Real in Prayer

    Fr. Kevin O’Brien, SJ, tells us that God wants us to be real in prayer. In this episode of Pop-Up Prayer, O’Brien reminds us...