The Train and the Nativity

Tony Agnesi remembers his Christmas train, which taught him a lifelong lesson about selflessness. The story also makes him think about the Nativity. I have always wondered that not a single man or woman in Bethlehem was willing to give up their bed for a pregnant woman who was about to give birth. Not one! It says something about how we can see a need and just ignore it. I’m comfortable in my bed, it […]

Rushing to Get Home

Those of us who are commuters can relate to this blogger’s story about rushing to catch a train: I took long strides, checked my watch, and then started to run. I darted up the stairs of Gate 25, saw the GO express train to Pickering, and ran to the door only to see the door close six inches in front of my nose. OH, NO! I will just have to get the next train, what […]

The Wisdom of Walter J. Ciszek, SJ

Loyola Press just published a collection of writings by Walter J. Ciszek, SJ. If you recognize that name, it’s because Ciszek, a Jesuit priest, survived 23 years in Russian prisons and labor camps, was presumed dead, but then returned to the U.S. in a prisoner exchange in 1963. He wrote about his experiences in With God in Russia, a book well-received and widely read. He followed that with a book of more devotional writing: He […]

St. Ignatius Loyola’s 10 Guidelines for Negotiating Life’s Journey

One June morning, Brendan McManus, SJ, stepped out for a much-needed walk—to be exact, a 500-mile hike on Spain’s renowned Camino de Santiago. A few years earlier, he lost his brother to suicide, and the tragedy left Brendan physically, psychologically, and spiritually wounded. Something radical was required to rekindle his passion for life and renew his faith in God. In Redemption Road: From Grief to Peace through Walking the Camino de Santiago, McManus tells his […]

Lowney and Leadership

Sean Salai, SJ, interviewed author Chris Lowney about Ignatian leadership. Lowney, whose books include Heroic Leadership and Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads, addresses adapting Ignatian spirituality for secular audiences. By no means am I suggesting that one cheapen or water down the content of Ignatian spirituality. But I could envision, for example, plucking out pieces of the tradition that might appeal to businesspeople (or teachers, hospital workers or any in active […]

Why Celebrate Labor Day

Joe Simmons, SJ, shares 32 Reasons to Celebrate Labor Day. Read the entire list over at The Jesuit Post, but here’s a sampling to get us thinking this holiday. Labor is the smile mom forced to snuff out her yawn after working third shift. Labor robs life of indolence to reward it with satisfaction. Labor is the scratchy calloused palms your grandpa developed, so you wouldn’t have to. Labor groans at sunrise, but sighs contentment […]

The I-Want-It-So-Badly Virus

Sometimes we’re driven by the I-want-it-so-badly virus: I so wanted to get to the top of the company, or to attract that attractive person, or to be rich, or to be recognized as important, or to have the best house, or to have a more exciting life. In fact, we sometimes delude ourselves into thinking that the object of our affection (the job, the car, the partner, the house) must be right for us precisely […]

Mercy and Relationships

Becky Eldredge has been observing the Year of Mercy at her blog through a series of posts on the works of mercy, many by guest bloggers. In a reflection on clothing the naked, Beth Knobbe begins: Welcomed or unexpected, mercy invites us into relationship with one another. Even the best of relationships are complex, filled with ups and downs, and take a lot of effort. When we enter into relationship with those in need of […]

Gazing at Those Pictures

Ginny Kubitz Moyer, author of Taste and See: Experiencing the Goodness of God with Our Five Senses, remembers the Stations of the Cross at her childhood church. I spent a lot of time gazing at those pictures. I gazed at them during Mass with my family on the weekends and studied them at Mass with my classmates on First Fridays. Now, more than thirty years later, they are stored in my memory like old slides […]

Finding Your Vocation

It’s graduation season, and that means commencement speakers try to impart words of wisdom to graduates before they start the next phase of life. Wheeling Jesuit University welcomed Timothy Kesicki, SJ, president of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States, as its commencement speaker. Kesicki said: The stories of failed jobs and mismatched careers are legion. But finding your vocation is not simply about a good fit in the workplace or nailing your […]

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