Young Adult Retreats

A team of young Jesuits will be barnstorming up and down the East Coast this summer giving weekend retreats for young adults.  The team is called the Jesuit Mission Band and the retreats are called Hearts on Fire.  They begin June 17 in Washington, DC, and continue on successive weekends in Philadelphia, Charlotte, Baltimore, and Richmond.  More dates may be added.  See the schedule here.

How to Give Retreats

If you give retreats, or know someone who does, think about going to an intensive workshop on preaching the Ignatian weekend retreat to be held July 8-17 at Montserrat Retreat House in Dallas.  The faculty for the week is headed by Joseph Tetlow, SJ, and includes Marie Schwan, CSJ, Ed Quinnan, SJ, and other retreat directors from Ignatian retreat houses. The workshop has a practical focus.  Participants will learn how to prepare eleven talks based […]

A Social Justice Retreat

On Monday, November 1, the Jesuit Refugee Service/USA will begin an online retreat that links the Spiritual Exercises to the plight of refugees and vulnerable migrants.  The retreat marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Jesuit Refugee Service.  Go to the JRS/USA home page on Monday to begin the retreat. The Jesuit Refugee Service  assists refugees and other displaced persons in 57 countries.

Getting Unplugged

I was struck by the post here last week “Solitude in a World of iPad Apps” about an article by Fr. Jim Martin, SJ.  On the day it was posted here, I was ending an 8 day silent retreat at the Jesuit Retreat House in Colorado.  When I first arrived on retreat, I followed my usual routine and left my muted phone plugged in my room so I could check in with my husband and […]

Links for the Weekend

Jack McLain, SJ, on zombies (“the faceless, unsexy, plodders of the horror genre”). Nathan O’Halloran, SJ, reads 1 Samuel 15:3 and asks, “Does God approve genocide?” Myles Sheehan, SJ, MD, on the medical and ethical aspects of living longer lives. A short guide to imaginative prayer. An Ignatian retreat for women in recovery. Questions for the Jesuits from Father General Adolfo Nicolas.

A Retreat with Homeless Women

“Fialleril”  is blogging about the year she is spending with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Chicago.  She recently worked on an Ignatian retreat with thirteen homeless women, “every single one of whom had been sexually abused as a child by a male relative, babysitter, teacher, or some other man she felt should have been in the position of a protector. Every. Single. One.” Ultimately, I know that the retreat was a deeply cathartic experience for […]


Ignatius Loyola strides through the snow at the Jesuit Retreat House in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.  Photo by the Law and Gospel blogger.  Go here for more on Ignatian retreats.

Lent Online

Ash Wednesday is a week from today.  It’s time to make some plans about how you will observe the season of Lent. Have you ever considered praying online?  If you are reading this blog post, you spend at least part of your day on the internet.  You might want to do some praying in the virtual world.  If you click on the green image in the right sidebar, you will find some suggestions for online […]

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