Jesuits as Soldiers

It’s a common misconception that Ignatius Loyola set up the Jesuits along military lines, with a warlike outlook, a rigid chain of command, and unthinking obedience. Wrong, as Nathan O’Halloran explains in this post. Ignatius may have used military language, but it meant something far different than it means today. The knights Ignatius admired were following a person: These knights were models for Ignatius precisely insofar as they made particular elections for the sake of […]

A Portrait of Ignatius

Anthony Vanarsdale did this portrait of St. Ignatius to mark his feast day last week.  It looks like an oil painting but it’s all digital.  He painted the image in Photoshop. The image is displayed on the sketchblog of the Catholic Illustrator’s Guild.

Will the Real Ignatius Please Stand Up?

Before we leave the feast of St. Ignatius too far behind, I’d like to mention an excellent article about the many ways that Ignatius Loyola has been seen throughout the ages. A “polarity” of being with Christ and at the same time being active in the world is central to Ignatian spirituality. The author, Ron Darwen, SJ, concludes: Ignatius had an uncanny feel for the big picture. He could see the wood for the trees […]

What I Like about Ignatius Loyola

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Ignatius Loyola. This is a big day for Jesuits and others in the Ignatian sphere of influence. Here are a couple of my thoughts on his feast. Name a saint. Chances are one idea pops into your mind: Francis (poverty), Vincent de Paul (charity), Therese (simplicity in love). This isn’t so with Ignatius Loyola. Several ideas jostle for attention. He was a soldier, a mystic, a writer, a […]

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