Closing Our Celebration

Our fifth anniversary celebration comes to a close today. During the last several weeks, we’ve:

It’s been a full month! We thank you for observing this milestone with us.

If you’ve enjoyed the Prayer for Generosity series, you might finish the month by reading the article “Teach Me to Be Generous,” which admits that it’s likely that someone other than St. Ignatius wrote the prayer. But as Jim Manney concludes:

Maybe Ignatius didn’t write the Prayer for Generosity in the 16th century. But the spiritual movement he started was healthy enough in the 20th century to produce a prayer that sounds just like him. That’s impressive.

Our anniversary concludes, but we still have lots in store for the future of Stay subscribed to dotMagis and our monthly newsletter E-Magis for updates (links in sidebar).


  1. Dear Editor,
    This has been a wonderful gift to us this anniversary . I was inspired by the daily reflections on the prayer , and it matters not to me who might have written it. Blessings to all.


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