Dear Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis book coverWhat would you write in a letter to the Pope? Children around the world were invited to send their questions to Pope Francis, and he personally responded to 30 of them in his first book for children, Dear Pope Francis.

Tom McGrath of Loyola Press talked to the Wall Street Journal and explained how the project came to be. Letters came from 26 countries on six continents, and the final collection includes 30 letters and drawings, from the fun to the serious.

In an off-the-cuff speech in Philadelphia last September, Pope Francis mentioned one of the letters.

“A child asked me – you know that kids ask difficult questions – he asked me ‘Father, what did God do before creating the world?’” the pope said. “I assure you, I found real difficulty in answering the question. So I said what I’m now going to say to you: Before creating the world, God loved. Because God is love.”

The book will be published simultaneously in eight countries by Jesuit publishing companies around the world.

Watch the trailer and read the full article at the Wall Street Journal. Pre-order your copy of Dear Pope Francis here.


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