Faith and Action

Ignatian spirituality owes a great debt to Aristotle. Not a surprise, really–Ignatius absorbed the theology of Thomas Aquinas, who imbibed the philosophy of Aristotle (by way of his teacher, Albert the Great, and in conversation with Muslim and Jewish philosophers, who had been using Aristotle for centuries). Here’s my thumbnail sketch; it’s on my mind because my freshman seminar is reading Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. Everything we do is oriented toward some goal. We reach our […]

Welcome to Ed Peck

Today we welcome another blogger to dotMagis.  He is Ed Peck.  Ed is the founding executive director of the Ignatian Colleagues Program. He joins Maureen Waldron,  Tim Muldoon, and me as regular dotMagis bloggers. Ed will publish his first post tomorrow. Ignatian Colleagues is joint venture of 24 Jesuit colleges and universities that trains administrators in a deeper understanding of Ignatian values and Jesuit history.  Beyond his Jesuit mission and identity work, Ed is a […]

Jesuit Calendar

My friend and colleague Jim Campbell recently discovered a Jesuit calendar that’s a great resource for anyone interested in all things Jesuit.  It was developed by Otto Sayre, SJ, a German Jesuit.  The calendar pays special attention to the German history of the Society, but it covers the whole history of the Society, from Ignatius to the present.

Life on Other Planets?

Brother Guy Consolmango, SJ, whom we’ve featured here before, talks to Stephen Colbert about the theological implications of the possibility of life on other planets. The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Gold, Frankincense and Mars – Guy Consolmagno

Married Every Day

I went to a funeral Monday morning;  the mother of a friend.  She was about 95 and left behind a grieving husband who will turn 99 next month.  They had been married for 73 years.  I sat in church and pondered that kind of love and commitment.  Seventy-three years?  For those of us who have been married a long time, there are days you wonder if you will make it seven years, then you wonder […]

Francis Xavier

December 3 is the feast of Saint Francis Xavier. Francis is the patron of foreign missions because of his evangelization in India, Indonesia, and Japan (he died off the coast of China, and the site is a pilgrimage destination for Chinese Catholics). Many Asian Catholics to this day recognize Francis as a patron; many priests take his name. Francis is perhaps the most striking example of what Ignatius’ disciple Jerónimo Nadal described as the place […]

Welcome Maureen Waldron

I have been doing all the blogging at dotMagis since the site launched last April.  To further our goal of making dotMagis an Ignatian community of many voices with many points of view, we recently invited several friends and colleagues to share their reflections with us. Tim Muldoon, from the Office of Ministry and Mission at Boston College and  author of The Ignatian Workout has already joined in the dialogue with posts on “Spiritual Direction” […]

Venerable Mary Ward

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints has announced that Mary Ward (1585-1645), the English woman who founded an order modeled directly after the Jesuits, will be declared Venerable. See the CathAsia news story here. See the bio of Mary at the website of the order she founded, the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, here. Like Ignatius, Mary was suspected of heresy during her lifetime. Like the Jesuits, her order was at one time […]

Sacred Time

This evening, Saturday, at Vespers, the Church begins its observance of Advent. He is coming! I marvel at the way the Church has, over its history, sought to mark sacred time. The philosopher Charles Taylor observed that there is something remarkable about how the Good Friday we observe this year is in some way closer to Christ’s crucifixion than, say, the midsummer day of last year; we enter into an imaginative place that brings the […]

Ignatius and Poverty

In early November, Santa Clara University held a three-day conference on the legacy of the six Jesuit martyrs nurdered in El Salvador in 1989.  Papers from the conference have been published on the web. In one of these papers, the theologian Jon Sobrino, SJ, reflects on Ignatius Loyola’s struggle with the challenge of living in poverty. In the meditation on two standards, St. Ignatius is very clear that poverty and powerlessness are not only ways […]

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