Events Through a Camera

photographer in silhouetteShemaiah Gonzalez’s children were in a performance after a week of theater camp. She writes:

I arrived early and got a seat on aisle so I’d be sure to see both children wherever they happened to be on the stage. When performance time came I was taken aback when every single adult in the audience stood up, took out their phones and began filming the performance. There was no way I could see through the barrage of phones and iPads. I found it strange that I was the only person who was actually watching the performance, not the screen, but couldn’t see it.

Whether it’s a child’s performance, a vacation trip, or a birthday party, are we watching these events through a camera, often missing the details of the moment, or allowing ourselves to be completely present to the experience at hand?

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  1. Sometimes, my walk with the Lord, makes first hand not all that wanted. A camera view of life means not getting involved; Church ritual verses action of the person; Some time those who seek feel very alone and have a faint hope that there is someone they can communicate with

  2. I remember when my oldest child started school and I was very intent on “capturing the moment” by taking pictures (before camera phones) I came to realize that I did not really “see” it. So I put the camera down and was present and I found I took more in and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.


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