Explore the Gift

gift tied with purple ribbonStay where you find fruit. This direction from Ignatius is very wise. If I’ve experienced fruit—consolation, some wonderful insight, a closeness to God, even a new awareness—I can trust that that gift is a signal from God: “Look deeper here, my dear friend, for I have so much more I want to give you.” Another way of looking at this is to imagine receiving a gift, all wrapped in paper and ribbon and a big bow. I can know it’s a gift, and even know who the giver is, and even say, “Thank you,” without opening it. This direction from Ignatius invites us to explore the gift and discover what it really is.

—Excerpted from Retreat in the Real World by Andy Alexander, SJ; Maureen McCann Waldron; and Larry Gillick, SJ


  1. “Stay where you find fruit.” That is lovely. Thank you so much for all the reflections. I am an avid follower of Ignatian Spirituality.


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