Finding God Over the Weekend

Rebekah Hanson, via Picturing GodOn Sundays we ask our Ignatian Spirituality Facebook community where they have found God that weekend. Here’s a sampling from this weekend’s thoughtful responses.

It’s not often I take a dip in the sea. Being on the south coast of England, the English Channel, even in summer, isn’t exactly warm! But on Saturday I felt brave enough to step in and go for a quick swim. This initially involved much screaming, “Oh gosh, it’s so cold!” but eventually I got used to it and enjoyed the playtime in the water, splashing about and letting the waves carry me. It’s made me think of the shock and uncertainty of new directions in life. Even though I believe that God is always guiding me, his presence is never more closely felt (and needed) than when I’m taking a step into something new and jarring. (photo by my husband)

—Rebekah Hanson

I feel more like God found me yesterday while getting together with friends and their families. The warm hugs and smiles that showed each other we were glad to you! The conversations with a glass of wine and tapas. (Were not our hearts burning within us?) Sharing a meal of talented cooks and the blessings of the earth. Sitting around a fire, sharing music. God found me in every one of those people yesterday and my heart is overflowing! Peace.

—Timothy Hood

When we left the church this evening, I saw a teenager with dyskinesia. She walked very happy. It looked like a staccato, jerky dance and she shook hands in the air, laughing and trying to sing. The priest spoke very well about the Eucharist. And I thought, “There’s a girl who received the Eucharistic Bread and happiness overflows.”

—Isabel Rodrigues

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  1. I love reading these amazing comments that remind me that God is laboring very close by, and in this moment. Clearly God is busy in every life. May I continue noticing and giving thanks.


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