Fitting In

Not “fitting in” is an uncomfortable feeling–and a common one. Sometimes it’s a self-inflicted condition, but sometimes the feeling of longing for a home that hasn’t arrived yet is the truth of our state. Blogger Lisa Kelly thinks that not fitting is often a byproduct of the Ignatian outlook, and of the work that this outlook leads to.

Lisa and her family are living in El Salvador while her husband is on sabbatical.  She writes that the hardest part of their life is not living without American comforts, or even living in  conditions that are dangerous.  The hard part is finding a community of other people who share their outlook. As she puts it, “the hardest part is trying to find or build the community of others who ‘get it.'”

I think I know what she means. Read the whole thing, and see if you understand too. (Link no longer available.)


  1. Great work! Enjoy your time in El Salvador – aren’t the people amazing?!?!?
    I am looking for an electronic copy of your artical “Living the Paschal Mystery through the Martyrs of El Salvador” from the winter Jesuit Journeys to share with my El Salvador committee at St. Sebastian church in Milwaukee, WI. We have a sister community in Chalatango – Teosinte, and are celebrating the 20th and 30th (Romero) anniversaries of the martyrs of El Salvador.
    Sandy Swietlik

  2. Thank you so much for referencing our blog. I have to say that Lisa inspires me with the way she lives the ignatian lifestyle. I find myself drawn into a closer relationship with Jesus when I reflect on her insight. She has a way of capturing what living an ignatian life truly feels like.


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