Vinita Hampton Wright on the Principle and Foundation

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Vinita Hampton Wright speaks about the Principle and Foundation, the first key meditation of the Spiritual Exercises. In it, we reflect on how we are created to praise, reverence, and serve God, and how the things of earth all help us to pursue that end. Vinita says that the Principle and Foundation re-orients us to reality.

The reality is this. God, who is love, created everything that is, including me. And all of creation, including me, grows into its best self, its truest self, when thriving in a reciprocal, loving relationship with God the Creator.


  1. I was in a funk and trying to move out of this. The book in front of me was about Principel and Foundation. The funk continued, but now the funk had a new meaning
    beyond me. The Lord walked with me. I was not alone; I was not abandoned.
    A “Good Friday” became an “Easter Sunday”.

  2. There is such deep truth in what Vinita has shared about knowing we are loved and living out of that love. Everything is different when we know that we are loved by God. Thank you very much Vinita!


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