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Four Weekend Ways to Find God

dog at beach - photo by Oscar Sutton on Unsplash

At the start of each week, we invite our Ignatian Spirituality Facebook community to share where they have encountered God in the weekend days. We highlight four recent responses below. Where have you encountered God on your day off?

“In reconciling with someone.”

—Derick Cooper

“A boy came up to me on the beach. ‘Can I play with your dog?’ He was about four. My dog and he played for 45 minutes. He helped her dig holes in the sand. She took a break and watched him, wagging her tail. He took her ball and buried it. She dug it up. He squealed in delight and did it again and again. It was joy they shared. Simple and complete joy.”

—Chase Montara

“Gardening and relaxing after swimming in pool on a hot afternoon yesterday. Enjoying a good meal at a nice restaurant with friends and coworkers this afternoon.”

—Carol E. Stovall

“I experienced God at my granddaughter’s birthday party. She was surrounded by love as we celebrated her as gift that God has given us.”

—Denise Votroubek

Photo by Oscar Sutton on Unsplash.

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  1. Today I was a bit more than a little frustrated that the plumber I was waiting on was over a couple of hours late. When he finally came, he was so pleasant and funny. God knew I needed some laugh out loud time.

  2. Weekend we find and God finds us. At mass last Sunday I saw a young lady in hospital uniform dozing during parts of the Eucharist. My mind went back 23 years ago when my best Irish friend (Tom) and I went to the 6 am Mass in Holy Name Cathedral. Tom woke me up at the recessional. Did the Lord understand? Of course, for God loves us all of the time and knows our circumstances.


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