From Gratitude to Intimacy

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to some people about the examen lately. I gave my book about it to a couple of friends, and I talked about it in a small group that I’m part of in my parish. I think the examen is a great way to pray during Lent. Jump into Joseph Tetlow’s Lent Examen From Ashes Glory if you haven’t already. Or follow the Lunchtime Examen.

I like what a Jesuit named Santi Rodriguez says about the examen in a blog post: “It basically begins with gratitude and ends in a conversation with Jesus. For Ignatius, gratitude is the first and most important step in our spiritual journey, and intimacy with Jesus is that journey’s ultimate goal.”


  1. Jim –
    I talked about the Examen and its fundamental assumption that we come to it from a stance of gratitude today at a day of reflection I was giving (on what St. Ignatius’ spirituality might have to offer mothers!), so it was nice to see this before I bounced off to that this morning. Thank you! I recommended your book to the group for those who wanted to give this practice a try. 🙂

  2. Jim, I read you book twice and always look forward to your blog posts. You have a great way of meeting your readership right where they live. I understand what you write. Right now my Examen is a work in progress, as am I.

  3. I am so very grateful to you,Jim, and to all who contribute to this marvelous website. It seems these Lenten offerings provide a veritable feast for the journey.
    The Examen is a priceless gift and your new book is also on my list of “to buys.”
    With gratitude, Suzanne

    • Life has never been the same since I started the Examen a few years ago. And I plan to get your book, Jim, as soon as I go to our overpriced mall in a week or so. I look forward to reading/utilizing that (your book, not the expensive shopping centre).

  4. Thank you very much, Jim, and to everyone at There’s so much spiritual treasure on this website. It’s like an Aladdin’s Cave! Everywhere I turn there’s some new wisdom or insight to click into. I have to take it slowly and savour it – to use Ignatius’s metaphor. I love all the material on the Examen. That’s a great way of summing up this joyful prayer: ‘from gratitude to intimacy’: the goal is always getting closer to Jesus and trying to follow him.


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