Give God Full Access

Mags Blackie recently became aware of a pattern of behavior through prayer and she found it liberating. In the tradition of “Pray as you can, and not as you can’t,” she encourages:

What we need to do is to give God full access. To open ourselves to the grace of God. Any prayer method can get us there, it is the intention that is important. What we discover may not always be pretty, but it will lead to freedom.

Consider what form of prayer might lead you to freedom this week.

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  1. From time immemorial, finding God in all things and in all places has been a normal way of proceeding among Indians across the length and breadth of India.

  2. Sometimes I am comforted by prayers that repeat-the comfort of the familiar words and pictures fill my soul and mind with ease. Sometimes, it’s poetry,journaling,or spiritual reading I have even found walking to be prayerful-sometimes I see the dawn of the day and praise rolls off my lips! For me, prayer can be released when I am doing nearly anything!


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