Happy Thanksgiving

Americans and Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving at different times during the autumn, meaning I got to enjoy some holiday reading last month from Canadian bloggers. In reading a post on the igNation blog by the Jesuits of English Canada, I came across this wonderful quote by Fr. Brian Massie, SJ: “You can’t be grateful and be selfish or mean at the same time; there is no room in your heart. If you are truly grateful for the blessings you have received, then you are not jealous or envious, you’re not petty, you’re not small.”

Thanksgiving, whatever date we celebrate the feast, is a day to be truly grateful. We should be cultivating a spirit of gratitude throughout the year, and if we do, the holiday gives us extra reason to celebrate.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. At mass today at Regis College in Toronto, we prayed for the U.S. as you celebrate Thanksgiving for you bear a great responsibility in our world. I felt that our priest, Fr. Bert Foliot SJ, expressed that very beautifully so I wanted to share it with you. Prayers for a very happy celebration of all the gifts that God has bestowed on you and your country.


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