Hold Tightly When the River Rushes

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Eric Clayton, deputy director of communications for the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States, was standing in a rushing river in Bolivia when a cannonball moment struck his ego.

He realized, “I’m not called to stop the flow of the river. Rather, all I need to do is hold tightly to those caught in its current—and allow them to hold tightly to me.”

Watch the video of Clayton explaining his cannonball moment below.

This video is part of an initiative by the global Society of Jesus for the Ignatian Year.

Clayton is the author of the upcoming book, Cannonball Moments: Telling Your Story, Deepening Your Faith.

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  1. Inspiring video, Eric. Reminded me of Dunes Falls in Jamaica.. very slippery and scary.. trust there too.
    I sent your video to a friend dying of a brain cancer. She only has a year and is the guardian for her grandson.
    She’s clinging to the hope of a “miracle”. She doesn’t believe anyone else could raise him well enough.
    You’re message of hope and Trust in God.. and His Perfect Will for each of us (while clinging to those we love…) – I pray – is the balm and peace she seeks. God Bless you in your life and ministry.
    Please pray for her and her family.

  2. My cannonball moment was when we dropped off my daughter at a women’s rehabilitation home for drugs and alcohol. God is faithful and good and He healed her and she is now married with 3 little ones and follows Jesus closely.


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