How the Pope Would Like to Be Remembered

In a recent interview with a Spanish newspaper, Pope Francis talked about world economic systems and other topics, including his leadership priorities.

“I don’t have any personal agenda that I carried in under my arm, simply because I never thought they were going to leave me here, in the Vatican,” he said. “What I am doing is carrying out” the recommendations made by cardinals prior to the March 2013 conclave. Among those recommendations, the pope said, was greater consultation with outside advisers, which prompted his establishment of an international, eight-member Council of Cardinals.

Asked how he would like history to remember him, the pope said: “‘He was a good guy, he did what he could, he was not so bad.’ I would be happy with that.”

For more on the pope’s leadership values, read this excerpt from Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads.

Image by Tânia Rêgo/ABr (Agência Brasil) under CC-BY-3.0-br.


  1. I will always remember Pope Francis as “Unafraid” always to the point. Saying and doing the Lords’ work with a smile and without any reservations.

  2. I will always remember Pope Francis as “God walking among us”. Never have I been so called to renew and learn as much as I can about Jesus,about living the Gospels and the Beatitutdes as I have with our current “Papa Francis”.


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