Since Ignatius Liked to Look Up at the Sky

It’s said that St. Ignatius liked to look up at the sky and stars. I wonder if he would have liked this video.

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  1. The video is beautiful, I enjoyed watching it and believe it will please a modern day viewer. In my opinion, though, at the time St. Ignatius lived, looking at the sky meant contemplating the glory of God through His works, remaining still, calm, silently pondering the mystery of creation. Even for me who live in the modern era, I feel that there is no need to speed the film to fit many images in the available time. In the real world around us, the graces that come from contemplating beauty come down to our minds and hearts when we slow down to transcend the material world. Our Blessed Lord says, “Be still and know that I am God.” This is what we should remember while looking up at the sky and the beauty that surrounds us. +

  2. What a glorious way of putting everything into perspective… the eternal, and timeless Now of which we are just a tiny part. Thank you.


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