How to Experience Eternity Today

wagon wheelKevin O’Brien, SJ, writes at On Faith that heaven can be experienced here on earth—and he outlines five ways for how that can happen. In #5, “Love Someone,” O’Brien explains:

To be united with God is to be united with all whom God loves. Imagine a wheel with many spokes. The closer the spoke gets to the center of the wheel, the closer the spoke gets to the spokes next to it. To be drawn into the life of God means to be drawn into the life of another.

The full article includes references to Field of Dreams, The Color Purple, and Les Miserables. Sailing and eating also play parts in “Heaven Is for Now: 5 Ways to Experience Eternity Today.”


  1. I can never watch Field of Dreams without crying. . .even at 75. It took almost a lifetime for my father & I to make peace & for him to say that he loved me. Then we had 6 months together before he died. Maybe that was heaven. Thank you Father Kevin.


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