I Saw You Today

school bus
On Sundays we ask our Ignatian Spirituality Facebook community where they have found God during the week. Gary Thomas shares his response:

As I rode my bicycle to work today, I became aware of all the ways God is present. I wrote this little reflection in response to God’s presence.

I saw you today, in the faces of children waiting for the school bus

in the bus carrying them to school.

I saw you today in the bus driver who got up at five a.m. to drive that bus.

I saw you today in the downtrodden old man walking down the sidewalk.

In the overcast sky threatening rain.

I saw you today, in a neighborhood waking up

In the people heading off to work.

I saw you today, in the sign outside the church promising to pray for me.

In the kindness of the drivers who gave the whole lane for me and my bicycle.

I saw you today in the smile of the old woman raking leaves in her front yard.

— In the color green.

I saw you today in an old man’s brisk walk.

In the police officer’s happy greeting.

I see you in all my departures and arrivals.

Where will you see God today?


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