Ignatius-Man of Action

Something to think about | “For Ignatius, and preeminently in the Spiritual Exercises, something is always happening. Most important, it is of ultimate significance, for myself, for others, for the whole human race. What is happening is the drama of God’s continuing creation of all reality and God’s undying love for me, fully shown forth in Christ. How do I respond to that deepest reality? What is my active role in God’s great work in Christ?

We know that great work, of course, in and through Scripture. We know therein God’s intention for us. We know, further, how it has become manifest through the centuries in the Christian community’s understanding of and living out of that intention of Christ’s loving lordship of this world. In such a dramatic vision of all reality, Ignatius asks and would have all others ask, ‘What do you want of me, Lord?'”

John Padberg, SJ

Ignatius and the Bible


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