In Downtown Detroit

This video features a ministry that doesn’t make headlines; it’s humble service to people in distress in downtown Detroit. I like it for that very reason. It’s typical of many ministries run by volunteers walking an Ignatian path.

I like it for another reason too–the memorable name of the priest in charge: Patrick Francis Peter Ignatius Peppard. If the Jesuits had an all-name team, he’d be on it for sure. (Go here to watch it on YouTube.)


  1. As Jim and Lynda have pointed out, the Welcoming Center at Saints Peter and Paul is a great ministry embracing Christ in the Stranger and refusing to give up on a community that seems to be on the verge of being forgotten. Thanks.

  2. This is the church at work in the world – helping those who need to know that they are important in the eyes of Jesus. This is the Gospel of the Lord. Thank you.


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