Intentional Acts of Kindness

While there’s nothing wrong with “random acts of kindness,” what if we were more intentional about those acts?

Cultivating a habit of gratitude is the most reliable way to extricate ourselves from every pattern of sin and disorder in our lives. We can begin by securing five minutes in our lives every day, during which time we count the blessings and mercies we have received in the past 24 hours. If we do that faithfully, we will soon find the constant generosity of God to be amazing, even overwhelming. At the end of the five minutes, ask God to reveal to you one person for whom you should perform an act of kindness that day as a concrete expression of your gratitude. Then act accordingly.

Read the full article, “How Gratitude Can Transform Your Life,” by Robert McTeigue, SJ.


  1. kindness is something that should be part of everyday interactions with people. There should be no hidden motive, no benefit to you “makes me feel better”, no sales pitch. I find people are leary of individuals who are kind. We need to change this and make it a habit. Like excellence. When engaging people or helping people we should make it part of our person, a habit. As you make it part of who you are you are changing the face of humanity. Kindness is one of those character traits not easily acquired. That has always been legacy WISH for my children. Not money not things but kindness. If they are kind they will succeed in every aspect of life (work, school, friends).

  2. So….what would you say to a pastor who recommends his congregation go out into the community and perform ‘intentional acts of kindness,’ but also capture it on video, post it on Facebook, and then hand them a card (that has the church logo on it, printed by the church..of course) and tell them they’ve been selected for an intentional act of kindness.
    Wouldn’t that sort of cheapen the effect, let alone be in direct contradiction to scripture?
    In this scenario, it seems more like a random act of church marketing.

    • Absolutely. This is not kindness. More fraudulent then kind. What a shame. I can appreciate the intent. But without the sales pitch.

  3. Kindness should be practiced everyday and at any moment you can. If you see someone who needs help, then offer a helping hand without waiting for them to ask you first.


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