Surprises on the Ignatian Pilgrimage

The Camino Ignaciano is a pilgrimage that traces the route St. Ignatius Loyola walked after his conversion in 1522. We’ve talked about it a few times on this blog, but today we have a few thoughts from an Indonesian Jesuit currently walking this Camino, via one of the pilgrimage organizers.

I am really blessed. All has gone well so far except the second day. From Zumarraga to Arantzazu it was raining the whole day. That was really a great challenge climbing so high. Then the next two days were also climbing high. It is not for those who are afraid of mountains and the silence”¦

On Tuesday evening in Araia, I went for the second Mass on that day”¦in the homily [the priest] mentioned the Camino Ignaciano and welcomed me as a pilgrim. The son of Ignatius from Indonesia. So the whole congregation, meaning eight ladies, prayed for my pilgrimage too.

I hope there will be more surprises.

The pilgrim website is available in several languages and includes the Camino story as told by a puppet Ignacio who accompanied a 2013 pilgrim on the way.


  1. In Sept 2015 I will also be talking the road from Loyola to Manresa. Thanks for sharing. Please share my contact info to others who have or are making this walk.


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