Jesuit Basketball

BasketballFor many years basketball has been the top sport at most of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the US.  An all-star team of Jesuit alumni could beat just about anybody.   This might be a bit of a down year for Jesuit basketball.  Only two teams–Georgetown and Gonzaga–are currently ranked in the top 25 men’s teams.  But I wouldn’t be surprised to see five or more Jesuit teams in the playoffs next March.

Jesuit schools play each other many times this season. The Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities has compiled a list of these games.  Tonight Marquette takes on Canisius in Milwaukee.


  1. My husband is not a religious man, but a few years ago he corrected my mispronunciation of “Creighton.” I looked at him suspiciously and said, “This must have something to do with sports.” “Of course,” he said, “basketball – it’s Catholic!”
    I guess he might have refined his identification to “Jesuit.”


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