Karen Beattie on Finding God in Daily Life

Karen Beattie video screenshotKaren Beattie, author of Rock-Bottom Blessings, talks with Vinita Wright about her experience praying the Examen and being more aware of God.

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  1. I too am impressed by following the Examen programme. I first used the paper or card version and found it helpful. I then added the phone app version. Later I replaced this by the new updated app version, which has a new format each day and changes the background music. They all are very useful and conducive to wholeness and health.
    Robert (Canterbury).

  2. This one could not have come at a better time! I am so glad that you reposted this today. I needed the encouragement from someone who has been there!

  3. I started doing the daily examen, (most days) this past Lent, that Fr. J. Martin explains in his book. I have found that it really “sneaks up” on you in so many ways. I am definitely becoming more “in the moment” with God.


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