Letting Jesus Out

It’s reported that the movement to elect Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio pope grew in intensity after he made some off-the-cuff remarks about evangelization at a pre-conclave gathering. He later wrote some notes to reconstruct what he said, and authorized a friend to release them. You can read all about it here. This passage especially stuck me:

The evils that, in the passing of time, afflict the ecclesiastical institutions have a root in self-referentiality, in a sort of theological narcissism. In Revelation, Jesus says that he is standing at the threshold and calling. Evidently the text refers to the fact that he stands outside the door and knocks to enter. . . But at times I think that Jesus may be knocking from the inside, that we may let him out. The self-referential Church presumes to keep Jesus Christ within itself and not let him out.


  1. I like this a lot. In my tradition, we often speak of asking Jesus into our heart, but a few years ago, someone said to me. “Jesus is already in each heart, He is inviting us into his heart.” That feels much more authentic to me. I love the idea of “letting Jesus out.” Letting him out of our church, letting him out of our boxes, letting him out of our arrogance. Thank you for sharing this.

    • I commented on your own blog (the tortured writers and popcorn) and somehow it went to another date’s post from Apr. 7 making my comment way out of whack. Eh???


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