Living a Resurrection Life

cotton candy sunrise

Here in Seattle, when the first restrictions came down, barring us from Mass for a few weeks, I said to my husband, “This Easter is going to be the best ever, you know, besides the first one.” I imagined how glorious it would be to come out of isolation to celebrate with my Church.

Yet a few days later, it was clear that Easter Mass would be from the confines of my living room. School, work, gym, date night with my husband, coffee with my friends—all these things I took for granted—all gone. But more essentially, my community of faith celebrating Easter together—gone.

There were moments when I grieved or showed my disappointment, but then I realized none of this changes what I believe. In fact, this is the moment when all those things I said I believed in, hold most true—under duress.

It is easy to believe in God’s forgiveness and mercy and love and presence when I think I have it all under control. It is another thing when visible restrictions are placed on my life. And then, it is clear to me: I was never in control.

As Christians we need to think about what it really means to live life as people who believe in the Resurrection. So how shall we live, knowing that Christ has defeated sin, Satan, and death? This seems a bolder, more powerful proposition this year than last. And I want to live bolder with my newfound knowledge and understanding.

I want to live with purpose, knowing that God will reveal his glory and plan through these events.

I want to live as if today is all I have, for it might very well be. It was always like this, but I had forgotten.

I will live knowing the Lord is here with us, sharing in our trials and understanding our suffering.

I will look for moments when God’s glory shines through in the nature outside my window, the faces of my family, or the kindness of my community.

I will look for ways to be Christ to others, reaching out to my family, friends, and neighbors.

I will laugh and love and hope and sing.

I will praise God, for his goodness is dazzling. Every good thing throughout my day comes from God:

  • the cotton candy sunrise,
  • my nine-year-old’s corny jokes,
  • the centering calm of my husband’s embrace,
  • my ten-year-old singing when he doesn’t know I’m in the hallway,
  • the flock of robins that eat and dance in my yard,
  • a surprise note in the mail from an old friend,
  • seeing my sister’s face on FaceTime, and
  • the quiet calm of sunset, reminding me of the gift of the day.

All are from God.

It is a good life. A very good life. We needed to realize how good it is.


  1. Thank you Shemaiah for turning on the light in our mind and heart. We long for a better life; to do things as we expect God would want them done; and yet we just don’t know for sure. But faith calls us to trust and believe in His Precious Love for us. And His appreciation as His children in our doing the very best we can, at the moment. And we trust in Him to share His Grace with us as we attempt to serve him with all our heart and soul.
    God Greatly Bless You all!!!

  2. Easter blessings! Thank you for sharing your heart and remind me today that…
    It is a good life.
    A very good life.
    We needed to realize how good it is.
    We are resurrection people!

  3. Thank you for this timely Reflection. Where I live WE are practically all in Isolation and have supposed to be for some time. Unless you are on way to Dr, or buy weekly supplies . They keep changing the rules. As I can’t get out and live alone It is a desperate time for many. NO VISITING at all. I only see someone from a distance or the women who are employed to help me a couple of times a week. so all must be thankful
    . I try very hard to stay close my Faith and Hang in there. I am now old and useless and have not been able to drive since before Christmas. so be thankful, as I am so thankful, to read the reflections from the other side of the world. no family near me and a daughter , whose husband died last year (NOT THE VIRUS) works in The U>A>U. God Bless you for your lovely work. My darling daughter says the only thing that keeps her going is Faith and The Holy Spirit!

  4. I just came across this blog tonite and this line hit me so hard ; “I want to live as if today is all I have, for it might very well be.It was always like this but I had forgotten”. Powerful !. Thanks Shemaiah !.

  5. It IS a good life. A very good life. And a fantastic reflection. Thank you Shemaiah for reminding us. Happy Easter to you and family!


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