Looking for Signs

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Looking for signs is a familiar theme in the Gospels. Many found it difficult to accept Jesus’ teaching and actions without looking for something more. In our age, people look for scientific evidence in many situations. Lord, help us to move beyond the rational and logical, to the quality of our relationship with you, and to give witness to our faith in you.

Jesus did not comply with the request for a sign. That would have been to cheat his listeners from moving on in faith that was more solidly based. Jesus was giving signs, but the people seemed unable to interpret them, as they were looking in the wrong direction. Lord, we pray that we may see and appreciate what you offer, for it is enduring and satisfies our true needs.

—Excerpted from Sacred Space: The Prayer Book 2024 by the Irish Jesuits


  1. Looking in the wrong direction, marching energetically in that direction calling the wrong shots is never good for humankind and Planet Earth. Attentively listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit is a good trick.

  2. “Jesus was giving signs, but the people seemed unable to interpret them…” Yes.
    And too, Jesus was insisting that it’s not up to us to demand signs, or anything, from God to make Him prove himself. The way ahead for us is to surrender into faith. It’s us–me–who needs to listen and respond to what Christ is asking of me. That’s the proper relationship.
    God has given many, many indications of His presence in my life. Most often I recognize them after the fact. Of course, my very existence, and everything else as well, is a blunt sign of God’s presence.


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