Lowney and Leadership

Heroic Leadership by Chris LowneySean Salai, SJ, interviewed author Chris Lowney about Ignatian leadership. Lowney, whose books include Heroic Leadership and Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads, addresses adapting Ignatian spirituality for secular audiences.

By no means am I suggesting that one cheapen or water down the content of Ignatian spirituality. But I could envision, for example, plucking out pieces of the tradition that might appeal to businesspeople (or teachers, hospital workers or any in active work fields). For example, an appealing way to introduce the examen could be (pardon my sloppy phrasing): “a Jesuit technique for staying on track amidst each day’s chaotic pace and constant change”—lots of people would sign up for something like that! And while ordinary folks in secular occupations might find “discernment of spirits” a frightening phrase, I suspect that most of them would be intrigued by “a methodology for making high-quality decisions.”

Those of us who have been steeped in this tradition have to take upon ourselves the burden of making it known and accessible to those who might benefit from it. We have to work harder and hustle more and be more creative to get that done.

The full interview is worth reading. Lowney sees the opportunity for Ignatian spirituality, perhaps presented in different terms, to help feed the spiritual hunger of contemporary people.



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