Mini-Retreat with Pedro Arrupe: Day One

Mini-Retreat with Pedro Arrupe - text next to book cover of "Pedro Arrupe: A Heart Larger Than the World"Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ, was born on November 14, 1907, and founded Jesuit Refugee Service on November 14, 1980. Today November 14 is recognized as JRS Day. In honor of JRS Day and its founder, join us this week for an online mini-retreat. The main content is excerpted from the mini-retreat found in Pedro Arrupe: A Heart Larger Than the World by Brian Grogan, SJ.

Monday Theme

I am infinitely loved!


I listen to Jesus whisper to me: “As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you. Abide in my love” (John 15:9).

Pedro’s Reflections

When we hear these personal histories, we perceive that something is left unsaid in all of them because it cannot be spoken: it is a personal secret that even the person themselves cannot fully perceive. This is the most truly interesting part, because it is most intimate, profound and personal. It is the close correlation between God who is love and who loves each person in a different way, and the person who in the depth of their being gives a unique response, for there will be no other response like it in all of history. It is the secret of the marvellous trinitarian love that irrupts, when it so desires, into the life of each person in a way that is unexpected, inexpressible, irresistible, but at the same time marvellous and decisive.

My Prayer

As two friends chatting with one another, I ask the Lord to show me how uniquely he loves me.


Say very slowly the Our Father, as in the Spiritual Exercises.

Contemplative During the Day

As opportunity arises and in Examen time, muse over the reflection, Fall in Love.

In honor of JRS Day, pray the JRS Examen.

Reflect with this video, featuring a quote from Pedro Arrupe: A Heart Larger Than the World.

Share your experiences with this retreat in the comments or on social media. #IgnatianSpirituality #JRSDay


  1. The late Pedro Arrupe continues to inspire the young and the young at heart worldwide. His life, thoughts, words, attitudes, and deeds offer a challenging vision to countless pilgrims across the Planet.

  2. I describe myself as olim Societatis Jesu, but happily you can’t take the Jesuit out of the boy. Pedro Arrupe has been my spiritual hero. I met him when he visited the Bombay Province decades ago. Soms of us knew that he was a dancer (Basque dance). I ws delegated to ask him to do little one for us the entire province gathered in huge hall in Bombay. Before he could open his mouth, the assistant intervened to say “Fr General is too tired! He gave me a rueful smile. He was also at our ordination retreat in Old Goa and asked us, the scholastics, if we could arrange to have the body of St Francis brought down so we could gather around it. We could not ask workmen to do it because that would spill the beans and we’d have crowds storming the doors of the Basilica. We did it ourselves!!! I don’t recall how it was returned to its place high up on the altar.


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