Mini-Retreat with Pedro Arrupe: Day Two

Mini-Retreat with Pedro Arrupe - text next to book cover of "Pedro Arrupe: A Heart Larger Than the World"

Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ, was born on November 14, 1907, and founded Jesuit Refugee Service on November 14, 1980. Now, November 14 is recognized as JRS Day. In honor of JRS Day and its founder, join us this week for an online mini-retreat. The main content is excerpted from the mini-retreat found in Pedro Arrupe: A Heart Larger Than the World by Brian Grogan, SJ.

Wednesday Theme

“Know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge” (Ephesians 3:19).


“But who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 16:15).

Pedro’s Reflections

When asked in a television interview, “Who is Jesus Christ for you?” the question took Pedro by surprise, and he answered it in a completely spontaneous way when he said: “For me Jesus Christ is everything. Take Jesus Christ from my life and everything would collapse, like a human body from which someone had removed the skeleton.”

“It could be said that every line of the Gospel, every word of it, is throbbing with the boundless love of Christ, who is burning with love for every human being, and who dwells in the innermost depths of our heart. So we can speak with Jesus heart-to-heart: he and we can listen to one another, feel for one another.”

My Prayer

As two friends chatting with one another, I ask Jesus for the grace to make him the “everything” of my life.


Say very slowly the Our Father.

Contemplative During the Day

As opportunity arises and in Examen time, muse over the reflection, Fall in Love.

In honor of JRS Day, pray the JRS Examen.

Reflect with this video telling the story of Arrupe’s arrest in Japan and his forgiveness of his captors.

Share your experiences with this retreat in the comments or on social media. #IgnatianSpirituality #JRSDay


  1. Pedro Arrupe offers food for thought and action. Taking out Jesus from someone’s life is a herculean task. All strategies are bound to fail. No matter how confident the strategist may appear, one should know defeat is starring in the face.

  2. I am trying to forgive due to abuse as a child… as hurt by a brother who refuses to come back to the family after Mom’s will was read… I lay these often at the feet of Jesus during my adoration time but Instill have the guilty feeling… as my priest assured me, I did nothing to be forgiven but I just ask for peace and understanding.


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