Mini-Retreat with Pedro Arrupe: Day Three

Mini-Retreat with Pedro Arrupe - text next to book cover of "Pedro Arrupe: A Heart Larger Than the World"

Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ, was born on November 14, 1907, and founded Jesuit Refugee Service on November 14, 1980. Now, November 14 is recognized as JRS Day. In honor of JRS Day and its founder, join us this week for an online mini-retreat. The main content is excerpted from the mini-retreat found in Pedro Arrupe: A Heart Larger Than the World by Brian Grogan, SJ.

Friday Theme

The poor are the friends of God.


“I was hungry and you gave me food” (Matthew 25:35).

Pedro’s Reflections

I felt God so close to me, and I saw him so close to those who suffer, those who weep, and those whose lives are shattered. An ardent desire burned within me to imitate him in the same closeness to the world’s human debris, to those despised by a society that doesn’t even suspect that there are souls pulsating beneath such great sorrow.

Nowadays the world does not need words, but lives which cannot be explained except through faith and love for Christ’s poor.

My Prayer

As two friends chatting with one another, I ask Jesus to bring me close to the world’s “human debris” so that I may carry the poor in my heart and serve them as he wishes.


Say very slowly the Our Father.

Contemplative During the Day

As opportunity arises and in Examen time, muse over the reflection, Fall in Love.

In honor of JRS Day, pray the JRS Examen.

Reflect with this video version of Arrupe’s prayer, “To See with New Eyes.”

Reflect with this video history of Jesuit Refugee Service.

Share your experiences with this retreat in the comments or on social media. #IgnatianSpirituality #JRSDay


  1. In the late 1970s, the late Pedro Arrupe during his visit to Pune, invited the gathering to bend low to uplift the down trodden. From then on, the Ramwadi dons of theology, philosophy, social sciences, and humanities began to encourage the students to live and experience the daily life challenges of poor in the neighboring villages. Grass root theology began for some in those formative years.

  2. From the first time I heard of Father Arrupe, he has been my hero. I pray to him every day. I have read many books about him and his biography is not just moving but inspirational. He will be canonized one day but he is a saint already.


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