Musing about Thin Places

Ginny Kubitz Moyer muses about thin places at her blog, Random Acts of Momness:

Perhaps thin places are places where we don’t need to work quite as hard to see the divine. They’re the places where there are fewer barriers to our ability to recognize God, whatever those barriers may be.

Ginny lists some thin places for her. Becky Eldredge has written here on dotMagis about the idea of thin places and shares some of hers.

What are thin places for you, places where it’s easier for you to encounter God?


  1. this was a good one and I enjoyed it so much but my favorite which made me cry was “God came to tea” it was extraordinary and beautiful that I had to send to my three daughters and I thin I told you this already NO I don’t have dementia I just get excited about some of these thoughts and thanks for all of them. I love God you know!!


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