Nudge Our Image of God

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Greg Boyle, SJ, shares some thoughts for the day. He says, “What we need to do is nudge our image of God to something larger, more spacious.”

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  1. Hi Father Greg! To you and all those that God has put in your loving care, may you all enjoy being in the boat with Him. Pray for us who sometimes think that we don’t want to mix with the crowd that are in the boat with God.

  2. What a great little talk on “bumping into God”! I think Fr. Greg is so right – we try to fit God into a box to match our expectations and our disappointments in ourselves when we fail to measure up to our own ideas of what we should or shouldn’t do or be or think or feel! What a world it would be if we could all see ourselves as God’s delights and remember that God is saying “Good job!” to us at all times!


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