Pope Francis Back in the Pulpit

After a summer break, Pope Francis has resumed his practice of saying Mass and preaching each morning at his residence in the Vatican.  His homilies are terrific.  He speaks informally, without notes, with vivid language and a decidedly Ignatian flavor, as in this comment from a homily last week:

What is the light like that Jesus offers us? The light of Jesus can be known because it is a humble light, it is not a light that imposes itself: it is humble. It’s a meek light, with the strength of meekness. It’s a light that speaks to the heart, and also a light that offers you the Cross. If we, in our inner light are meek, if we hear the voice of Jesus in the heart and look on the Cross without fear: that is the light of Jesus.

The Vatican used to publish transcripts of his homilies, but the pope’s tendency to speak off the cuff made officials nervous (his famous comment that “even atheists are saved” came at morning Mass).  Now Vatican Radio publishes summaries of the homilies, with frequent direct quotes.  You can find them on the Vatican Radio website.


  1. Well yeah everyone is saved –that is what the cross was about– it’s how you live that out that counts. You can get yourself un-saved if you refuse absolutely to believe in God but who knows what happens at the last moment of life that only God can hear.

  2. To date, this pope has offered more hope, humility and inclusiveness than I (as a non-Catholic) have ever seen from a pope. Very interesting stuff. The church – like much of the world – seems to have become more polarized, more antagonistic, and less welcoming in recent decades. It’s become more about how certain people see the world than about who Jesus was. It’s good to see a leader working to change that.


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