Prayer Exercise: Enjoying Jesus’ Presence

Remember a time when you saw Jesus with the inner eyes of your soul, when you experienced his presence in a vivid way, when he came alive for you in your prayer. Remember the inner details and outer circumstances of the experience. Savor the richness of the experience and relive it in your memory, feeling, imagination, heart, and mind. Be attentive to God’s presence.

  • What were the circumstances of the experience, that is, were you by yourself, on a retreat, at a liturgy?
  • How would you describe Jesus’ presence in the experience?
  • What were some of your feelings, thoughts, and desires?
  • What differences did you notice within yourself as a result of this experience?
  • Do you notice anything new happening in you now as you remember and relive the experience?

As you relive it, be attentive to God’s presence. Share with God any feelings that arise, and listen to God’s response. Ask God for the grace to notice Jesus more readily within yourself and within your life.

Margaret Conroy, RSM

The Discerning Heart


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