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Finding God in the Mess Lenten Read-Along: Still Connected to Each Other

Finding God in the Mess Lenten Read-Along

If you’re participating in our Finding God in the Mess Read-Along, you’ll notice that one of the chapters addresses how we connect to each other in a world driving toward a contactless society. Our planned video for today features Brendan McManus, SJ, reading that chapter, in fact. But the text takes on a different meaning as we practice social distancing for the good of each other. So whether you’ve been reading the book or not, consider this question authors Jim Deeds and McManus pose: “How could you help those already in a contactless world and reach out in love to them wherever and whenever possible?” In other words, how can we use our digital tools for good to help overcome loneliness and fear, reminding us we’re in this together, even when we can’t be physically present together?

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  1. I have been calling people I know who live in different parts of the world to connect and find out how they are doing. For those living close to me, my children, grandchildren, I communicate either by WhatsApp or telephone. With one set of grandchildren, we do night prayer by WhatsApp. To the home bound I visited before Covid, I telephoned to check in on them and to see if they needed anything.

  2. Third Week of Lent:
    A beautiful thing happened to me today in the midst of the mess: my daughter asked me to pray the rosary with her over the phone. Of my four children she is the only still practicing the faith as I know it. I hadn’t prayed a rosary in years; my mother prayed three a day when she was alive. So I do have lots of rosaries. As I prayed with Sara I thought of all the people who couldn’t do this, who needed the assurance that they are loved, that this pain will pass, that someone is praying for them. It is the essence of my faith: faith, hope, and love. I received all three in one simple act.
    I read the article on being connected several times. I do a lot on the computer and have spent much of my week trying to find additional ways to connect people, particularly in my church. It might be true that we have lost our desire for human contact, but when we are denied it, we realize what a major role it plays in our lives. I learned what I call the “element of never” when my father died when I was 13. At nearly 76 I have relearned its impact with the deaths of many including my only sibling and my son. I am grateful for the grace to see and hear my other children and my grandchildren, but I miss their touch. My son used to give me “energy hugs”. Now even that is not possible. So I send them spiritually. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  3. My small faith community got our first practice last night with video conferencing. It was wonderful seeing everybody! We meet an hour before Sunday Mass to talk about the gospel. Praying for all of you in this time of crisis! Ann Plyler Must go; our governor gives a news conference every day at 3!


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