Sent from God

Annunciation center panel - photo by Daniëlle Molenaar from Pexels

This post is based on Week Four of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure and inspired by Luke 1:26.

I wait by God’s throne, ready to spring into action at any second. I stand in awe of Divine Majesty as I watch the Trinity love each other. It’s a frighteningly blinding, powerful love. It even dares to be passionate enough to suffer over the creation down below it.

“It is time,” I hear as I adore. The members of the Trinity are in complete agreement, and now they turn to me.

“Yes,” I reply. I’ve been witness to the Trinity looking down on the actions of the people God created. What a dangerous gift is free choice! I see how many people choose badly, and that wars rage, not only on a grand scale, but also in households where spouses abuse one another. Too many people are choosing hellish lifestyles or experiencing hell imposed upon them by the choices of others.

“You will go to Mary,” I am commanded. “Try not to frighten her,” I hear, almost with a chuckle.

“Yes, Trinity,” I reply with my deepest bow. It’s true I’m terrifying in appearance, but what else would one expect from a warrior in God’s army?

“Take your time in arriving. I want you to consider your mission carefully. Ponder it. She who is to be our mother will learn to ponder greatly.”

“Yes, your High-ness,” I reply. I feel a tingling anticipation as the Trinity whirls in pure joy. I stand as tall as I can, waiting for any additional instructions. It’s time to go.

I obey my orders to the letter. I pause and ponder. Imagine God becoming human! This is the moment when all in heaven will rejoice at the conception of God’s will. Amazing love!

I travel to Mary’s house very thoughtfully and intentionally. I can almost feel creation prickling with excitement at what is about to take place.

I see Mary, and hovering at her side, her guardian angel. I give him a high five, and we exchange a few sentences about how privileged we are to serve the Trinity. This is an awesome honor, we concur. We get the privilege of observing this powerful moment.

I’m surprised by Mary’s humble surroundings. I expected something grander. And the rooms are plain, the scent of henna in the air. Despite being rudimentary, the spotless house conveys brightness.

As I slowly materialize, hoping not to frighten God’s favored one, she sits in prayer. Look at her! So gentle. So tender! She is beautiful, but not in a physical way. She reflects divine love already.

I can see cherubim and seraphim gathering above the house, waiting to burst forth in a deafening alleluia when she answers. Before I know it, our conversation is complete. Light overcomes the room, the house, the village, and the entire world. How can the people not see it? The whole earth trembles.

And Divinity hides itself in a zygote.

Photo by Daniëlle Molenaar from Pexels.



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