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Remember Other Pilgrims

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You’re not the only pilgrim on this path. So, when toils and troubles become overwhelming, find a spot at the roadside, and sit for a while and remember those other pilgrims.

Enjoy this video excerpt from my Small Simple Ways: An Ignatian Daybook for Healthy Spiritual Living.

Vinita Hampton Wright
Vinita Hampton Wright
Vinita Hampton Wright edited books for 32 years, retiring in 2021. She has written various fiction and non-fiction books, including the novel Dwelling Places and spirituality books Days of Deepening Friendship, The Art of Spiritual Writing, Small Simple Ways: An Ignatian Daybook for Healthy Spiritual Living, and, most recently, Set the World on Fire: A 4-Week Personal Retreat with the Female Doctors of the Church. Vinita is a spiritual director and continues to facilitate retreats and write fiction and nonfiction. She lives with her husband, two dogs, and a cat in Springdale, Arkansas.


  1. Thanks Vinita for the inspiring video. Though there are ups and downs, life remains a marvel for those that take time to sit a while at the roadside, get up and keep moving ahead, either on the beaten path or make a new path altogether.

  2. Vinita, every single time you post, I feel like you’re writing directly to me. Thank you for this reflection. It has given me the strength to face yet another day of challenges that threaten to overwhelm and crush me.

  3. Each single one of us is unique in God’s eye. Each single one of us is the apple of God’s eye. No one else is the exact replica of me or you. Even the same experiences may have been perceived in a different light, looked at through a different lens. As pilgrims, we are bound to each other in that our journey is towards the same light. “Look, look up at the skies!/O look at all the fire-folk sitting in the air!’ Gerard Manley Hopkins “The Starlight Night”.


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