Rushing to Get Home

people rushingThose of us who are commuters can relate to this blogger’s story about rushing to catch a train:

I took long strides, checked my watch, and then started to run. I darted up the stairs of Gate 25, saw the GO express train to Pickering, and ran to the door only to see the door close six inches in front of my nose. OH, NO! I will just have to get the next train, what else can I do? It came along soon enough, but to my dismay it was the milk-run stopping at all stops on the way to Pickering. OH, NO! Well, there still might be a chance of my just making it home on time. And there was some good news. Since I was the first one aboard, I did not have to stand and I got a good seat in the quiet zone.

Five minutes into the trip, the alarm in our car sounded…

So what happens when we are unintentionally slowed down in our rush to get home, to meet a deadline, or to accomplish a goal? Read the lessons Robert Foliot, SJ, learned in the igNation blog post, “GO, GO, GO—OH, NO!

Slow down this Advent for moments of quiet prayer in Sacred Advent.


  1. “Father and teachers, I ponder the question ‘What is hell’. I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.”


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