Sin and Falling Short of Ideals

An Ignatian Prayer AdventureLooking at our sins and faults allows us to take responsibility for them. We can possess them; they no longer possess us. We become more and more able to give our whole selves to God, and to become the people we’re created to be.

In this third week of An Ignatian Prayer Adventure, our theme is “Something’s Broken,” and we’re reflecting on the reality of sin.

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  1. I became Catholic 3 years ago and the classes were an eye opener. I only wish I could have been aware sooner in life and became a Jesuit. At 74 I can now enjoy God in an entirely different way than I’ve ever experienced. As a 4th degree Knight it is a privilege to serve our Lord and understand His way of living life and sharing. Hebrews 11:1


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